Check Pincode/Zipcode for Shipping Woocommerce using to check woocommerce in shipping avaible or not in particular postal code or zipcode Woocommerce.

Pincode Checker woocommerce making to how much day in delivery get as well Cash on delivery Available or not into Product Woocommerce.


  • Find Delivery is available in given pincode
  • Check Delivery Days to get product in woocommerce
  • CSV to import Pincode
  • Enable/Disable COD
  • Can be add manually Data
  • Position Changing of Pincode Box (If you use Shortcode Than You can be use)
  • Box, Input Box and Button Background Color
  • Check , Change Button Color
  • Enable/Disable Delivery Date
  • Enable/Disable Shipping Cost
  • Enable/Disable Popup
  • Popup Customize Background Color and Text Color
  • Popup Customize Button Background Color and Text Color
  • Check, Change Button, Check Availability At label header Text
  • Exclude Page Popup
  • Validation Message can be customize
  • Wildcard character will be work
  • Enable/Disable Force Popup
  • Enable/Disable Add to Cart if Valid Pincode
  • Enable/Disable Hide Place Order Button If not Available in List

How It Works Web Domain Checker

Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Download Check Pincode/Zipcode for Shipping Woocommerce

General Settings

  • Enable/disable plugin settings option.
  • Pincode avilability check position change option.
  • Pincode avilability box background color option.
  • Check input box background color option.
  • Button background/text color options.
  • Check,not serviceable and change button text editable options.
  • Show delivery date enable/disable option.
  • Auto load popup in all pages enable/disable option.
  • exclude popup from pages option.
  • Force popup for pincode enable/disable option.
  • Popup background, text color options.
  • Popup submit button background, text color options.
  • Hide place order button if pincode is not avilable in list enable/disable option.
  • Hide place order button than show not avilable button text editable option.

Import Settings

  • Choice file for import option.
  • Click import button option.
  • Download sample file option.

Add Pincode Settings

  • Enter pincode editable option.
  • Enter city for pincode customize option.
  • Enter state for pincode and city customize option.
  • Delivery within days editable option.
  • Enable/disable case on delivery option.

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