Woocommerce Custom Order Status Per Product provide you can change order status per product in woocommerce. It allow to Woocommerce make bulk of order with particular one product of status can be change.


  • Custom Status Can be add with status note option
  • can be setup product status for any product
  • status will be show on order details page in customer and admin both
  • Status format can be change
  • Custom Status Can be add with color and status note option

Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Download Custom Order Status Per Product WooCommerce

General Settings

  • Enable/disable plugin option.
  • Customize date formate option.
  • Order status display formate status, date, note option.

Add multiple custom order status options.

Order Options

  • Select order status for different products options.
  • This dropdown display for admin order detail page.

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