Select Delivery Dates Woo Pro


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  • Customize Date Format Using Date Format settings
  • Add Custom Message besides the estimated delivery date ( Default Message also Available )
  • Set Starting and ending delivery date e.g 22/07/2019 to 31/07/2019 (custom can selected delivery date between those two date only) and also
  • you can set Workday like Sunday, Monday etc.. it means delivery available only Monday and Sunday.
  • If you not selected starting , ending date and workday so it show all day enable from current date to all days
  • Delivery Date show on Customer Order Page, Dashboard Order Edit page and in mail.
  • Enable/Disable User role selection.
  • Select multiple user role selections.
  • Enable/Disable Select Off Days.
  • Select Off Days multiple add more option.
  • Extra Fees Option for checkout fees.
  • Delivery date And time fields required option enable/disable.
  • Delivery date And time fields positions options.
  • Delivery date formate option.
  • Delivery time multiple add more option.