WooCommerce Size Chart can be using with measurement of any object that can be do for it.

Now days many of woocommerce product in size of different part so customer for easy to understand we develope size chart woocommerce plugin.

For example For T-shirt selling we need to use Diffrent size of t-shirt so easier to understand which size of product customer need to purchase so we add size chart woocommerce by that customer can be easy to understand.


  • Easy to use
  • Admin can use shortcode [ocwqv product_id=id] to create dynamic Size Chart button in any page
  • Multiple Size Option Create For multiple product
  • Can be add Description And feature image
  • Dyanmic Columns and rows
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Product Page Multiple Layout Option: Show in popup and show in tab
  • Shop, Category Page Multiple Layout Option: Show in popup and show in tab
  • Customize Title
  • Customize size chart in even and old row color
  • If you setup in any product than you just need select size selection
  • Select Size Chart on Product Category wise and Product wise
  • Can be Clone Size Chart
  • Import Demo Chart Option
  • Customize heading background color and text color
  • Single Product Page Multiple Layout Option: Show in popup , show in tab and Side Bar Popup
  • Shop, Category Page Multiple Layout Option: Show in popup , show in tab and Side Bar Popup
  • Shop , Category Page Before and After Position Layout
  • Hide/show Option for visitor


  • Women’s shoe size chart
  • Men’s shoe size chart
  • kids shoe size chart
  • Men’s T-Shirt size chart
  • Men’s Polo size chart
  • Men’s Shirts size chart
  • Men’s full sleeve shirt size chart
  • Men’s Waistcoats size chart
  • Men’s Jeans & Trousers size chart
  • Women T-shirt / Tops size chart
  • Women Jeans And Jeggings size chart
  • Adults women Skirt size chart
  • Women dress and jumpsuit size chart
  • Women coat and Blazers size chart
  • Women jackets and waistcoats size chart

How It Works Post Slider Carousel & Custom Post Grids

Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Download Size Chart WooCommerce

All Charts

  • Edit any chart option.
  • Clone any chart option.
  • Active plugin than demo charts is already add.

Size Chart Settings

  • Edit size chart content text option.
  • Editable all sizes in chart options.
  • Assign multiple products in size charts option.
  • Assign multiple category in size charts option.
  • Add size chart image option.

Chart Show Settings

  • Show chart section in product tab, popup, sidebar popup options.
  • Subtitle for size chart editable option.
  • Popup button text customize option.
  • Size chart button text color, button border radius, button background color customize options.
  • Size chart button positions customize option.
  • Show size chart for visitors enable/disable option.

Table Settings

  • Table header background color customize option.
  • Table header font color customize option.
  • Table eve row color customize option.
  • Table odd row color customize option.
  • Table data row font color customize option.

Tab Settings

  • Show tab wise content layout enable/disable option.
  • Chart tab name customize option.
  • Description tab name customize option.

Product Settings

  • Size chart multiple selection for product in product edit page option.
  • Selected charts show on single product page.

One click demo import option avilable in this plugin.

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