Tax Toggle For Woocommerce provide allows you to easily toggle between include and exclude tax. The toggle is automatically added as a floating button on the left hand side of the site.

Tax Toggle For Woocommerce Plugin provide you toggle button on Shop Page, product Page and Cart Page. In the Checkout the toggle is hidden because the Tax is displayed as per the checkout rules. EG. by what location is selected in the address.

The Tax Toggle uses the base country tax settings as per the Tax settings section. Please ensure that you have set your tax rates for the plugin to work.


Hide and Show Tax Toggle

  • Add Tax Text
  • Add Tax button Text
  • Add Tax button Text Toggled
  • Include Background Color
  • Include Text Color
  • Exclude Background Color
  • Exclude Text Color

Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Step 1. Go to Dashboard >> WooCommerce >> settings >> Tax

  • Hide show tax toggle
  • Add Tax and Tax Toggle button text.
  • Select Include Background color and Text Color.
  • Select Exclude Background Color and Text Color.

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