The Best Wishlist Shopify Apps

1. Wishlist + Share + Reminder

This apps provide to Customers can see total number of other customers who have added particular product in their wishlist as well Add to wishlist and remove from wishlist . Easy to use admin panel, with Products and Users list. Customizable email formats for Wishlist reminder email & Product goes for sale email.

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2. Wishlist @ $2

Wishlist @ $2 lets your customers build lists of the items they want from your store, and it enables people to email their wishlists to their friends or share them with their followers on social media. This Shopify app also includes support for variant images, Ajax based code, analytics and reporting, easy integration, and more.

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3. Wishlist King

Wishlist King lets your customers build lists of items they want from your store without haveingto login, and it enables people to share their wishlists via email and WhatsApp, as well as on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.  Plus, this Shopify app comes with analytics and insights, easy design customization, speed optimization, simple installation, and more.

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4. Wishlist Plus

  • Easy customization of the look and feel of the Wishlist+ module
  • Seamless integration of a smart Wishlist module with your Shopify store
  • No login needed for your shoppers to add to Wishlist
  • Easily sync user activity across devices and make their history available to them on any of their devices

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