For Woocommerce many time to increase sale we give get one by one free like that offer as well if you want to gift in product free as on it so we should give one product of another product free but woocommerce not provide that feature.

Don’t worry for it we get  WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift Powerful feature for it WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift . Woocommerce Product Gift Wrap Provide to you this kind of all feature let discuss about it

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  • Customize Color, Font Size
  • Gift Rule (Product Rule, Price Rule)
  • Minimum Products from Rule needed in Cart
  • Allow/Disallow Gifts to Only Logged in Users
  • Select Product Which need for Gift with Multiple Product
  • Set Maximum Allowed Gifts
  • Enable/Disable Motivation Message for Motivating Customer to Buy More Products
  • Customize Font Size and Font Color for Motivation Message
  • Customize Gift Eligibilty Message Color , Button Padding, Button Color, Button Background Color

Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Download Woocommerce Free Gift With Purchase

Free Gifts for WooCommerce


⭐ Enable Plugin : You can be enable/disable plugin

⭐ Gift Products Display Type : 

There is two option available

1) After Cart Table : Show Gift Product in Woocommerce Cart page on after table

2) Popup : Show Gift Product in Woocommerce Cart page button before table and click on that button open popup of gift product

⭐ Gift Block Title : Customize Title

⭐ Gift Block Title Font Size : Customize font size in pixel

⭐ Gift Product Text for Gift Products in Cart : Customize Text

Remove Gift Products from Cart if Rule does not Pass : Gift Product will be remove from cart if you parent product will be remove from cart than


⭐ Gift Rules :

1) Product Rule you can setup product rule base on product selection you can select product will need to setup for gift

2) Category Rule this for category section you need to do category base gift will be provide

3) Cart Price Rule this rule work base on cart price Ex. if you purchase 500$ in cart than you will be get Product A


⭐ Add Your Product : Here you need to add product which you need to setup as Rule for product


⭐ Min Products In Cart : this option for Cart Price Rule for option. here you should setup min product should in cart

⭐ Min Qty In Cart :this option for Cart Price Rule for option. here need to add min qty for cart


⭐ Allow Gifts only to Logged in Users : Gift only allow for login user not for guest user


⭐ Add Your Gift Product : here you need to select product which you need to keep for gift

⭐ Maximum Gift Products Allowed : here you need to setup how much product keep for free Ex. If you add here 2 QTY than you can be add two product for gift in woocommerce

gift product woocommerce


⭐ Enable Motivation Message: Enable/Disable Motivation Message will be show on Cart Page at top

⭐ Motivation Message for Products Rule, Motivation Message for Categories Rule, Motivation Message for Price Rule : Customize Message

⭐ Motivation Message Text Font Size : Customize Font Size in Pixel

⭐ Motivation Message Text Font Color : Customize Color


⭐ Eligiblity Message on Cart Page : Customize Eligiblity Message

⭐ Eligiblity Message Background Color, Eligiblity Button Text, Eligiblity Button Font Size, Eligiblity Button Padding, Eligiblity Button Font Color, Eligiblity Button Background Color : Customize Option

If you not WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift  documentation understand than Contact Use Here

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